Donovan A. McFarlane, LL.M.

Graduate Fellow

J.S.D. Candidate, LL.M./J.S.D. Program in Intercultural Human Rights
St. Thomas University College of Law

Donovan A. McFarlane is a student in the graduate program in Intercultural Human Rights at St. Thomas University College of Law. He also serves as Adjunct Professor in the Gus Machado School of Business where he teaches Principles of Business and Environmental Administration, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource Management.

Mr. McFarlane has over 15 years of teaching experience across diverse colleges and universities including teaching Political Science, The Presidency, and Public Administration at Florida International University and Barry University. He has taught Leading Change, International Business, Transformation and Executive Strategies, Management in a Globalized Society, Marketing Research, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Managing Global Diversity, Consumer Behavior, and Strategic Planning and Implementation in the College of Business at Westcliff University. He is published in several peer-reviewed journals.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, where he also earned an MBA. He earned the LL.M. in Intercultural Human Rights from St. Thomas University College of Law, as well as graduate degrees in Educational Leadership and International Business from St. Thomas University. He is originally from Jamaica.  He is interested in the intersection of macroenvironmental factors as contributors to human rights challenges including human trafficking across different economies and cultures. He is also interested in how historical experience has shaped human rights accession in developing countries.